New Year, New Mouth Health

New Year, New Mouth Health


Ringing in the New Year is fun! Many look forward to this time of year to make New Year’s resolutions. Most people focus on bodily health but neglect their mouth health. Well, this year resolve to improve your teeth and mouth health. If you do, your overall health will improve too. Here are some simple steps to do just that.


Resolve to brush your teeth two times a day for at least two minutes. Lightly brush your gums. Brush away that plaque buildup, and your teeth will be healthier. Remember to clean your tongue as well. Use an antibacterial toothpaste to help lessen plaque.


Get a good antibacterial mouthwash. There are many flavors and options. Some brands have no alcohol, which reduces the sting as well. Swish the mouthwash around your mouth for a minute to help curb the bacteria buildup. This combined with brushing and flossing ensures that you’re doing everything you can to fight plaque.


This is often the piece of the puzzle that most people skip. However, it couldn’t be more important. Flossing every day helps to reach the places your toothbrush missed. You should floss every tooth, wrapping the floss tightly around your fingers. Plaque hides in the back teeth so don’t neglect them.

See Your Dentist

If you haven’t seen a dentist in a while, make a point to do so now. Having your teeth checked for cavities and plaque buildup is vital to good mouth health. Allowing a professional to clean your teeth is crucial. They will remove plaque and save your teeth from further decay. Don’t neglect to see your dentist.

Fluoridated Water

Fluoridated water is beneficial for your teeth. It helps to fight the acid in your mouth that could break down and decay your teeth. Drinking more water is good for your overall health because most people are dehydrated and aren’t aware. Since water helps with mouth health too, there’s even more reason to drink it.

Sugarless Gum

Chew some sugarless gum for about twenty minutes; it will help clean your teeth. Chewing gum after a meal can also help you with digestion and clean your teeth.

Eat Healthy


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