Ways to Make Dental Hygiene for Kids Fun

Ways to Make Dental Hygiene for Kids Fun

Ways-to-Make-Dental-Hygiene-for-Kids-FunTeaching your child about proper dental hygiene early in life is critical. They’ll soon get into the habit of brushing and flossing daily. This habit will stand them in great stead when they’re older. It’ll keep their teeth clean, strong, and healthy.

It’s hard to convince your children to brush or floss at first. Kids get bored quickly, and so the idea of a two-minute brushing session doesn’t appeal to them. That’s why, as parents, you need to get a little creative.

If you’re able to make brushing fun, your kids will look forward to each session. Here are some tips to get you started on making brushing fun.

Take Them Shopping for Their Toothbrush

Let them choose the toothbrush that they like. Also, let them choose the toothpaste. Giving them this choice helps to give your child some sense of control. They’ll look at the exercise more favorably as a result.

Lead by Example

Your kids need to see that you never miss out on brushing or flossing. Take it a step further and brush your teeth together. Brushing with you makes it easy for children to learn the techniques that they need. It is also an excellent way to spend quality time together.

Make it a Party

If you have small kids, this tip might be a lifesaver. Little kids find it hard to stay still. Make it fun by creating a playlist for the child to listen to while brushing. Keep it about two to three minutes long. That way, when the song finishes, they know that time’s up.

While they’re brushing, they can dance around a bit and have fun.

Get a Reward Program in Place

Kids love earning gold stars and awards. Set up a star chart with every day of the month on it. When your child cleans their teeth, give them a gold star. Give them rewards for getting a certain number of stars in a row. Rewards can be anything – a trip to the park or a new DVD, for example.Final Notes

When dealing with your child’s dental hygiene, you have to see things from their perspective. Motivating them using logic is bound to fail. Instead, try motivating them using fun.


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