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Discussing Oral Health Habits

Good oral health habits should start at an early age. We strive to make our presentations have a positive impact on children and give them a good start on having healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime.

With younger age groups, small group presentations work best. We provide a lecture-demonstration that may involve activities and playing games. Many younger children may never have been to a dentist, nor have had dental topics presented to them, so this may be quite an opportunity!

Things We May Do at a Presentation!

  • Look in children’s mouths with disposable mouth mirrors and count teeth.
  • Show a video on the selected topic.
  • Read a book on the selected topic.
  • Show dental tools (mirror, explorer).
  • Put on a lab coat, mask, glasses, and gloves and explain how they protect from germs.
  • Play-Doh makes a Doctor Drill ‘n Fill dental play set for young kids. They can make teeth and pretend to fill them!
  • A puppet to show proper brushing/flossing techniques.
  • Using a large rope as floss to show proper flossing technique!
  • Show pictures of various foods, or bring various foods, and have children tell if they are a good food or bad food for teeth.

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