How To Get Your Kid To Not Dread The Dentist

How To Get Your Kid To Not Dread The Dentist

Ah… it’s that time again, the ‘dreaded’ visit to the dentist with your child.  While we’ll be the first to admit, there are plenty of other things your child should rightfully want to do rather than go to the dentist, such as playing outside, the truth is in today’s day in age you and your children should certainly not have to dread the dentist! In fact, many dental offices like ours continue to innovate and make their offices as kid friendly as possible. We believe great dental can and should be fun!

If you have a child that for some reason or another dreads the dentist, here are a few helpful ways to help them come around.

Start Early

How you present the dentist to your children plays a significant role in their overall experience and making the dentist a regular part of their life from when they are little through their teenage years is one of the most effective ways to reduce any anxiety they might have before the big visit. If your children grow up with going to the dentist and are comfortable throughout the process, they are significantly less likely to have a poor experience. Meaning, the earlier you can get your kid to the dentist the better. Of course, not all visits (when they need shots in the gums for example) will be fun, but the more you expose them to the dentist the better.

Don’t Give Them Candy

One common trick for getting kids to go to the dentist without a fuss is by promising them candy afterward. We probably speak for other dentists when we say that probably isn’t the most effective reward after going to the dentist. That being said, you can reward your children who show good behavior at the dentist with something other than candy! Maybe you can let them have that sleepover they have been looking forward to, or perhaps that means taking your kids and his or her friends to the pool!  Rewarding your child for a good dental visit can be extremely helpful in making it a win-win for everyone involved.

Show Don’t Tell

Last but not least, one way you can help your child not dread the dentist is by working on how you feel about the dentist yourself! The truth is, even some adults show great anxiety when they go to the dentist, and little kids can pick up those queues! Before taking your kid to the dentist try and not tell them about some of your experiences, you may just show them why the should be scared. Instead, for the first couple of dental visits, assure them it will be fine and let the incredible dentist take care of the rest!

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a drag. We hope the above tips will help you get your child to stop dreading the dentist!


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