Why Baby Teeth Matter for an Adult Smile

Why Baby Teeth Matter for an Adult Smile?


Many parents underrate the significance of baby teeth. At the back of their mind, they know these teeth will fall out, sooner or later, to pave the way for adult teeth. However, it is essential to understand that taking care of baby teeth is the first step toward your baby’s oral health.

Read on to understand the significance of baby teeth, especially on an adult smile.

Baby Teeth Promote Speech Development

You child’s teeth, lips, and mouth work together to form words, helping the child to develop their speech. Teeth control the flow of air out of the mouth, aiding in word formation. Your child learns to make various sounds as their tongue moves and strikes the baby teeth in multiple ways.

Baby Teeth Serve as Place Holders for Adult Teeth

Primary teeth are a road map for the adult teeth to follow. When they fall out prematurely, before the adult teeth are ready to come in, it can result in long-term complications.

This can even change the structure of your baby’s jawbone and face. The adult teeth may end up erupting improperly or fail to come in ultimately. Your child may need costly orthodontic treatment to reverse the problem.

Untreated Primary Tooth Decay May Affect Adult Teeth

If left untreated, tooth decay can advance into a tooth abscess. An abscess is a dental infection that affects the tooth root. If a baby tooth develops an abscess, the infection can spread to the developing adult tooth. This can result in early tooth decay in the adult tooth, causing pain and eventual tooth loss.

So, you have every reason to take proper care of your child’s primary teeth. Otherwise, baby tooth decay can occur. This can, in turn, result in more serious complications that can spread to adult teeth.

Be sure to clean and floss your baby’s teeth several times a day. Also, take your child to the dentist at least once every six months. If you suspect any issues with your child’s teeth in between the scheduled appointments, don’t hesitate to contact your pediatric dentist.



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