Common Children’s Tooth Injuries That Happen At Home

Common Children’s Tooth Injuries That Happen At Home


At least 50% of children will sustain some form of dental injury in their childhood. These injuries are most common in kids aged 2 to 4 years. Kids in this age group are more active and engage in rough play that makes them vulnerable to injuries.

Fortunately, these injuries usually are not life-threatening and can be prevented. Here are some ordinary kid’s dental injuries that can occur at home:

Dislocated or Loose Primary Tooth

Front teeth dislocation is the most common baby tooth injury. You can leave a loose primary tooth in place, but it’s advisable to have it removed if it’s interfering with the bite. A loose tooth will often heal without treatment.

If the tooth is very loose and seems like it will fall out any time or cause your child to choke, then it should be pulled out.

Premature Loss of a Primary Tooth

Children typically lose their front primary teeth by falling onto their face. It can also happen when engaging in sports activities. If your child loses their primary tooth prematurely, you should visit a dentist immediately to have the tooth repaired or replaced.

Dislocated Adult Tooth

If your child’s permanent tooth is knocked out, it should be treated as a dental emergency. The tooth should be returned into its socket within 15 minutes. Otherwise, it should be stored in cold milk until you get to the dentist. Over 85% of teeth that are placed back in their socket in 5 minutes survive. Exceptionally few teeth that are re-implanted after an hour survive.  

Broken Tooth

A high impact force upon your child’s face or jaw can lead to a broken tooth. If your kid breaks a tooth, place the broken part in a bag of milk or water and visit the dentist as soon as possible. The fractured tooth may include blood vessels and nerves, and you want the part to be replaced before these tissues die or get infected.

If your child experiences any of these tooth injuries, it’s important to call their dentist immediately to avoid further complications.


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