How To Save a Knocked-Out Tooth

How To Save a Knocked-Out ToothHow-To-Save-A-Knocked-out-Tooth

If one of your teeth gets knocked out, you must take the right steps to maximize the chances of the tooth being saved or reinserted successfully. According to experts, if the tooth is reinserted into the socket within five minutes of falling out, there’s a high chance of the tooth surviving.

If reinserted between 5 and 60 minutes, there is still a reasonable survival rate provided the tooth is adequately preserved. If the tooth stays out of the mouth for over one hour, the survival rate decreases significantly.

This article provides all the crucial steps you need to follow in the case of a dental emergency involving a knocked-out tooth.

Collect  the tooth, holding the crown

Find the tooth immediately and handle it carefully when picking it up. Be sure you don’t touch the tooth root.

Remove any dirt by gently rinsing the tooth

Use only water to rinse the tooth. Avoid using soap or any other cleansing agent. Scrubbing or drying the tooth is also not recommended.

Reinsert the tooth into its socket

Try replacing the tooth into the socket immediately. Be gentle when pushing it in; don’t force it. If you can’t reinsert it, place it above the socket and close your mouth gently.

Ensure the tooth is moist at all times

The tooth must remain moist. If you can’t replace it in the socket, consider soaking it in milk or placing it in your mouth close to the cheek. You can also use an emergency tooth preservation kit if you can get one.

Visit your dentist as soon as possible

Your dentist will know the best way to replace your tooth, prevent infection, and provide the best treatment for the sensitive area.

Getting your tooth knocked-out can be a traumatizing experience. After all, no one wants a gap in their smile. While following the above steps doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to save your tooth, it increases the chances of the tooth surviving or being reinserted successfully.


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